This is getting close to a v1 release, I think. In fact, did you know that internally this is Release Candidate 3? Will the third time be a charm?

We have long-awaited big changes:

  • Greatly improved performance, doubling frames in some cases
  • Completely new visuals for grass

We have unsolicited experience changes:

  • Level objectives show up on the game menu as a reminder
  • You can control Music and Sound Effect volume separately
  • You can interact with game menus using the trigger buttons
  • Added a red glow to help make smaller unstable objects more visible

We even have boring but important changes:

  • Level scoring works a bit different now
  • Game menus show up better on dark levels
  • Various bug fixes don’t even worry about it
  • Script tweaks worry about it even less

Updates don’t get much better than that!


Stacksquatch-0.5.2.zip 201 MB
Jan 28, 2021

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