It’s here! After sitting in my back pocket for 2 years or so, I’ve finally found the time and place for these extra modes. If you need an extra challenge or just want to play around, try these out from the Gameplay Options (formerly Accessibility Options).

Endless Mode will disable a level’s win condition. This lets you stack far beyond the usual heights and build some weird stuff. It’s kind of like a creative mode so have fun with it!

Time Challenge will add time limits to each level. This was actually how the game was designed very early on but removed because it ran counter to the relaxing feel of the game.

Untethered Challenge removes the object locking when you grow larger. Balancing the entire stack might require starting over or planning a wider base. The risk is worth the reward though because you can smash the whole stack at any point and watch it go flying!

You can also mix and match them. Is the game too easy? Activate Time and Untethered! Is stack tethering getting in the way of your creative vision? Activate Endless and Untethered. The possibilities are inumerable.

…Eight. There are eight possibilities.

There are also a few important improvements otherwise:

  • The grabber line should no longer vanish inappropriately and break the game
  • Stackable reaper has been reaped (slight performance improvement and more usable objects)
  • Version number visible in-game


Stacksquatch Early Access (v0.2.0) 200 MB
Aug 17, 2020

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